• Sortie de Gran Turismo 5 encore retardée

    Difficile de penser à ça encore une fois. On a du mal à y croire et on se demande si on atteindra la bout du tunnel un jour ou l'autre. Le blog officiel de Playstation affirme que le jeu sortira avant les fêtes de fin d'années, mais est-ce une énième duperie sous prétexte que Polyphony veut offrir aux joueurs une expérience ultime via leur jeu vidéo ? De plus le site Eurogamer et le revendeur de jeux GameStop admettent une possibilité pour que le jeu ne sorte pas avant 2011.

    Comme j'ai pu le voir sur certains forums, Gran Turismo 5 devient Gran Turismo Forever à l'instar de notre ami Duke Nukem qui devrait pointer le bout de son nez peut-être l'année prochaine.


    Commentaire d'Eurogamer :


    "Capital Research’s Jesse Divnich: ”I don’t believe a GT5 delay impacts Sony’s current momentum. GT5 is such an anticipated title that delays are unlikely to impact consumer’s purchase intent. Whether released a week later or the last week of December, sales will be astronomical.”

    Wedbush Securities’ Michael Pachter: “Without knowing the date, it’s impossible to say,” he said. “If it’s a week, no impact. If after Need for Speed, they could lose some momentum.”

    M2 Research’s Billy Pidgeon: ”Another delay on Gran Turismo is disappointing, especially to the most enthusiastic fans of the franchise. Still, there have been so many delays that another one is not surprising. Obviously, there’s not much time left in the holiday season so Yamauchi and Polyphony have got to go gold within two months.

    I wouldn’t revise PS3 uptake estimates on this news as it is still possible GT5 is released in Q4 2010 or Q1 2011 and is likely to spur new and upgrade console sales. Sony has set the visuals bar pretty high with Gran Turismo,” he offered, “so it is crucial that the graphics (as seen on HDTV and in stereoscopic 3D with camera-based head tracking) impress the critics and the fans. Gran Turismo 5’s timely release is perhaps even more crucial to Sony’s 3D TV division than it is to PS3. In-store demos of GT5 may be the best case Sony can make to consumers for 3D TV.”"

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